You’ve probably seen the commercials for the do-it-yourself web sites, such as “Wix,” that promise that you can create your own professional-quality, awesome-looking web sites. I can tell you that we have had several clients come to us after giving it the old college try. The problems they run into are numerous and varied, which I will expand on at a later date. In a nutshell, web design is part art and part science and engineering. A recent client came to us having spent a lot of effort using Wix to create a website for their business, Affordable Cremations. We redesigned their website, creating a beautiful, contemporary, and fully responsive site that incorporates clickable phone numbers (critical when a client is using his or her cell phone to find their website), sliders with professional stock images, embedded google maps for their locations, and all the legal pdfs needed to run their business. You can compare for yourself the before and after designs.
Swift Design Solutions