Project Description

Telergent approached Swift Design Solutions with a great concept, combining business solutions with green energy. Our first step was to create several logo concepts and revisions. We devised the lightbulb with the green elements – tree and leafs – and their name and tagline, which were readily approved. We also created the 3 variations to correspond with Telergent’s 3 divisions: telecom, green energy, and logistics. Click on their homepage to see the 3 variations of the logo. Their primary request was for a “clean look” that represented green energy concepts and ideas. Swift Design Solutions photo edited several professional photographs to create the right aesthetic, including using filters, blurs, and superimposing images on to other images. This is representative of our photo editing strengths. We also embedded several of Telergent’s social media links to complete the project. After the website went live, Swift Design Solutions was approached to create and to print brochures and water bottle stickers that they used for branding. Having a comprehensive business approach that includes creating a new responsive website, social media links, and printing elements that utilize new logo concepts is critical for business development and growth.